Relevance -- Connective meaning with your company's products or service;

Branding Fit -- Your company's products or services match the desired demographic and image;

Mission Alignment -- Event and target demographic mirror your corporate mission statement; 

Positive Business Result -- Predictable success with a measurable benefit;

Custom Tailored -- Designed to meet your company's specific goals and objectives;

Direct Communication With Target Demographic  --  Direct email contact with 16,000+ high schools and 17+ million email-subscribing high school participants. [Note: PUTTER'S CUPtm does not share email addresses.  Email access is coordinated by and utilizes PUTTER'S CUP tm owned and/or controlled servers.]  

Category Exclusivity -- Protects against participation by other competitive products or service; 

Multi Year Agreements -- Offers cost increase protections and provides first right of refusal; 

Interactive "Partnership" -- Offers America's high school teens their own new and unique participant "sport" in which virtually any high school student can participate;

Sponsorship Variables --  Promotion, publicity, advertising, marketing, sampling, hospitality, signage, employee and community relations opportunities, etc.;

Sampling/Exposure -- Sponsor's and vendor-provided products;

Product/Service -- Purchase and/or traffic building incentives; 

Showcase Opportunity -- Other sponsored events, promotions, programs, etc. 


PUTTER'S CUP tm is exclusive to participating high schools and their students; 

An event/activity in which virtually any public high school student may participate;

No equipment to purchase;

Fundraiser for each high school class: [freshmen, sophmores, juniors, and seniors]

Great back-to-school social/get acquainted activity;

Builds over all class/team spirit;

Challenging, competitive, fun and with great sponsor gift/prize appeal; 

Nominal cost to participate ($6) with "in-kind" product/service contributions to each player from participating sponsors valued in excess of entry fee.
Benefits to event sponsors, contributors and advertisers:
High School Challenge
Participation IS Victory!tm
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