Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Cost to High School?   No Charge

Q. Cost to High School student participants? $6

Q. Student benefits? Participation certificate and PUTTER'S CUPtm Passport containing certificates redeemable for free and discounted "stuff.

Q. What's needed and who provides it?  PUTTER'S CUPtm provides each participating school with putters, cups ("holes"), golf balls, posters, instructional DVD with instructions and forms, and a DVD highlighting an actual PUTTER'S CUPtm event.

Q. Who can participate?  Currently enrolled full time students attending a participating High School located within the United States, District of Columbia or U.S. Territory.

Q. Are private high schools eligible to participate? not during the inaugural year.

Q. Summary of what happens at the High School level?  
   The school's Principal is the school's Tournament Chairman who picks a faculty member to be the event's Tournament Director.
   Tournament Director oversees all aspects of the event as detailed in the provided instructional CD and DVD.
   Class Presidents select 4-person Hole Teams responsible for creating and monitoring their assigned course holes.
   Event takes place on designated tournament date(s).
   Player gets sponsor-provided items having a retail value at least equal to the entry fee.
   Students with tied-scores participate in a sudden death "Putt-Off" until only one remains. 
   First place finisher receives additional award items and advances to State Championship
   Should the first place winner be unable to participate at the State and/or National level, the next-in-line finisher takes their place.
     Note #1: In addition to physical illness preventing advancement, eligibility is contingent upon no school suspensions, expulsions or arrests resulting in criminal charges (excluding minor traffic citations or infractions).   
     These conditions remain applicable at each level of competition.
    Note #2:  Contestants are responsible for transportation to the State Championship.  If car-pooling is used, the driver must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver's license and State-required insurance coverage.

Q. How does the State Championship work?  
    The State Championship Site Host determines where in each state the event takes place and as the title indicates, is responsible for "hosting" the event.
    "Hosting" means providing the facility, event staff, course design, etc.
    Qualifying players from each State (or in some cases, nearby Territories) arrive and compete at a predetermined date and time.
    Special clothing and all necessary equipment (i.e. putters and course-related amenities) are sponsor-provided.
    Students with tied-scores participate in a sudden death Putt-Off" until only one remains. 
    First place finishers get additional award items and advance to PUTTER'S CUP tm National Championship. 
    Should the first place winner be unable to participate at the State and/or PUTTER'S CUP tm National Championship, the next-in-line finisher takes their place.
     Note #3: Round trip air travel to PUTTER'S CUP tm National Championship provided for contestants and one accompanying guest. If travel distance to National Championship is less than 300 miles and travel is by car, gasoline cost will be reimbursed.  If traveling by bus or train, cost of tickets will also be reimbursed. 

Q. Does participation in PUTTER'S CUP tm jeopardize someone's amateur sports status? For participation alone and State Championships, "No!"   And probably not for competing in the PUTTER'S CUP tm National Championship.  For the 1st thru 3rd place finishers, however, you need to check with your local high school, college or university to confirm the affect of receiving major merchandise prizes and scholarship contributions.
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